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Improvisational Theater Methods
applied to English language learning

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Website dedicated to the Erasmus+ project no. 2021-2-PL01-KA220-SCH-000049974 „Improvisational theatre methods applied to English language learning”


The project partnership includes 7 organizations from 7 countries: Poland, Spain, Latvia, Ireland, Romania, Turkey and Greece.

The project lasts for 24 months, from 31/05/2022 to 30/05/2024.

The project aims at introducing improvisational theatre methods in the teaching of English language and soft skills in school education. These techniques will be selected and adapted taking into account their pedagogical value within the framework of a second language learning environment.  In order to guarantee the quality of this programme, the worldwide used evaluation Kirkpatrick 4-levels methodology will beincorporated to the course itself. This standard evaluation method, despite being well known in the corporate world is not commonly implemented in traditional informal or formal education schemes, including languages learning.


In accordance with this, the objectives of the project are as follows:

- To create a set of easily accessible teaching and learning materials based on theatrical improv techniques that will suport the learning of English languages in both primary and secondary schools’ education.

- To provide learners from both primary and secondary schools along with trainers and teachers with a practical methodology in soft skills training.

- To promote arts and creativity among the target groups (students and teachers from primary and secondary education) and stakeholders of the project.

- To promote the uptake of an effective and user-friendly teaching methodology across Europe in a digitally innovative way.

- To foster the uptake of an effective and professional evaluation methodology worldwide used in corporate and businessoriented environments.

- To improve the employability of future adults and professionals in the post – COVID 19 era.


Kopia Szary i Niebieski Album z Wycinkami Ogłoszenie  Obwieszczenie Wideo.gif

"A different language is a different version of life."

- Federico Fellini

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